CentOS – bash: __git_ps1: command not found

When I was working on a project for my company, I found myself wanting to mimic live environment. In this case I used Vagrant. I made a development environment using PHP5.3 and latest CentOS distribution. Other than that I wanted to add my .bashrc file, so that I have my PS1 configuration for showing current directory and git_ps1 for showing current GIT branch. After adding this file to my system I received a following error:
bash: __git_ps1: command not found

Simple solution to this unforeseen problem is:

  1. Get: https://raw.github.com/git/git/master/contrib/completion/git-prompt.sh and change filename to ie. .git-prompt.sh
  2. Add line: source ~/.git-prompt.sh to the .bash_profile file
  3. Console restart

And that’s all. Now we can see the current branch is working fine.

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